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Hunting with us . . .

We cater for both Rifle and Bow Hunters
The ranch terrain consists of Mimosa woodland, Mopane scrub and thorn scrub with open savannah areas. The terrain is flat with no hills or valleys and hunting is not strenuous at all.

Rifle Hunting - All rifle hunting is “ Fair Chase ”, in the traditional walk and stalk method in conjunction with a fully equipped hunting vehicle.

Calibres to use - African game are hardier than their North American counterparts. We recommend you take the heaviest calibre rifle that you are comfortable with. A general purpose calibre .30 / 06 with 180 to 220 grain bullets are ideally suited for hunting most plains game but the .375H & H is perfect for the tougher species such as Blue Wildebeest, Eland and Zebra. Other good choices of calibre to bring along are .300, 7 X 57 and 270. A variety of rifles in different calibres are also available at no extra cost should you prefer not to bring your own.

Return Hunting Package - Price $ 6 750.00* / 7 Days

Want more? Opt for our Return Package. The animals you didn’t get the first time round.
Beautiful, majestic and truly a must have for any seasoned hunter - Package include
Waterbuck, Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Bushpig, Steenbuck


African sunsets are like no other. To see the animals walk past you as the last rays of the day falls and with a successful day of hunting behind you is a must for any person. To listen to the crackle of the fire while you sit around with an ice cold beverage, exchanging happenings of the day you will truly feel free and alive.

Spiral Hunting Package - Price $10 955.00* / 10 Days

Experience 10 days of an unforgettable African Safari where you will walk and stalk some of our continent`s most sougth after plains game and record trophies, - your hunt will include :
Kudu, Eland, Nyala, Bushbuck


10 Days hunting down Africa’s most sought after trophy spiral horn animals. These elusive animals will guarantee you a hunt worth the time and effort. And great stories to tell around the campfire.

Due to the dense african bush, it is very hard to "walk and stalk", therefore we conduct our bowhunts from both static and mobile blinds which are well camouflaged and placed strategically near water holes. 

We also hunt from tree stands, which are situated along well-worn game paths to ensure maximum success. 

All hides and tree stands are placed to ensure that the average shot distance will be between 16 yards (15metres) and 24 yards (22metres). Arrows with broadhead tips are mostly used.